What is the most important thing you will get from bankruptcy? Probably freedom!

Yes freedom will probably be the most important benefit you will get from filing bankruptcy.  Sure you will get the calls from creditors to stop bothering you so you will have a greater sense of peace.  You will also not have to worry about how you will pay debts you cannot pay.  You will also be able to finally re-build credit that you could not before.  You will get these benefits from bankruptcy and many more.  I expect that like most of my clients you will be relieved, elated, and extremely happy once you get your discharge.

But the greatest thing you will get from bankruptcy is freedom.  Think about it.  The opposite of freedom is slavery.  Being enslaved to someone and being enslaved by something is the antithesis to freedom.

Well you are now a slave to your debts and to your creditors who hold them over your head.  Your hard-earned money must now go to pay off those debts and there is never enough.  Most people pay all they can and they still are getting in debt.

Being in debt is a little like being in prison.  It is said that you can get more time in prison than you can on the outside.  Your sentence can be extended easily in prison for different types violations.  More easily than on the outside in the courts.  The same thing happens when you are in debt.  I have often seen debts triple over time as my clients could not pay and the creditors tacked on fees and penalties and interest.

This is prison!  You are not free when you are in this type of debt and without a bankruptcy you could be in this debt forever.  This kind of enslavement of you is exactly what I believe the credit card companies want.  They can get you to work for them forever and never be free.  It’s amazing how as things change, they stay the same.

File bankruptcy and free yourself!

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