Debt tsunami! Do you feel like you have too much debt? Get to the high ground!

Are you drowning in debt?  Do you feel like a tsunami has hit your family, your household.  You are not alone.  In the reporting on the tsunami I noticed something.  They showed a bunch of people practicing running up the hill in their small town when the tsunami warnings sounded.  They already had walkways with steps that led up.  These were well-worn and looked like they had been there a while possibly for hundreds of years.  It makes sense because tsunamis have been around for hundreds of years also.

Bankruptcy has also been around for some time.  Well worn paths lead up the hills to the safe bankruptcy ground just like in Japan.  We can go there when the debt tsunami hits.  Its safe, secure, and has been well used for hundreds of years because debt has been around for that long too.

But people don’t go up the hill when debt hits like they do when a tsunami hits Japan.  They wander around the low ground and guess what happens.  They drown in the debt eventually.  The hill is there.  Safety is on top.  The path is well-worn and paved and is even complete with rest areas.  There is even a guide for you on your journey up the hill so you don’t have to go alone.

So don’t stay in the valley and get swept away by the debt tsunami.  Climb the path when debt hits.  Stay safely away from the damaging debt.  Come back down the hill to no debt.  That is the beauty of bankruptcy.

I am a bankruptcy attorney practicing bankruptcy law in San Diego California.  Please visit my website at

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