What to look for in a bankruptcy attorney in San Diego

Are you looking for a bankruptcy attorney in San Diego?  There are many things you may want to consider when looking for a San Diego bankruptcy attorney to advise you on your bankruptcy.  (See here for an article on why you shouldn’t go it alone and why you need an attorney).

The first thing is free consultations.  Most attorneys give free consultations but there are some out there that don’t.  I see a lot of chatter out there from bankruptcy attorneys who complain about giving free consultations.

Many of them say that there time is worth something and people should not waste their time. Some will give a free consultation if you sign for the bankruptcy but they will charge you $200 sometimes if you do not sign.  If you are not prepared to pay then it would be a good idea to see if your attorney gives free consultations or not and if they are completely free.

Experience is important too of course.  Many attorneys got in the bankruptcy field when the economy went south as their areas of practice declined too.  They may not have had many cases even at this date.  Make sure your attorney is experienced and has worked on many cases for a number of years.  Make sure the have faced a variety of bankruptcy issues and the attorney is competent to advise you on them.

Part-time attorneys are a problem too.  Some attorneys do bankruptcy on the side along with their other practice areas.  They may also do few cases like the new attorney and they may not know the nuances of bankruptcy law.  (See here for my expanded website article for what to look for when hiring a bankruptcy lawyer).

Get an attorney you can get in touch with.  Many large firms and even many small firms have layers of employees that you must speak to instead of the attorney.  You may have a tough time getting access to your attorney and this is a bad situation for you and your case.  You need regular and consistent access to your attorney if you have a problem or question that arises.

You need an attorney who is personable.  Some attorneys were good in law school and they can relate to books and legal concepts but not you.  You are a person and you need an attorney with people skills as well as a smart attorney.

And don’t forget price.  You don’t want a bargain basement attorney.  If he is not making enough to do your case it is unlikely that he will spend the time necessary to do a good job.  He will probably have so many clients that he cannot spend much time on your case.  If on the other hand he is too expensive then that will strain your budget and be a waste of money.

I recommend you find an attorney who will take payments from you and at the same time accept the creditor calls on your behalf until you can afford to pay him off.

I am a San Diego bankruptcy attorney.  Please visit my websites at www.farquharlaw.com or www.freshstartsandiego.com for more info. about any of these topics.  Or call my office for a free consultation at (619) 702-5015.  Call now for free credit report and analysis!  For a free e-book: “13 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO TO PREPARE FOR YOUR BANKRUPTCY FILING” please send a request by e-mail to: farquharesq@yahoo.com.

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  1. Great feed. Thank you for posting and for putting the need to know information out there.

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